Final Portfolio


Description: As recommended, I attempted to place my work in an appealing order to capture the attention of future employers. I wanted it to represent who I am, and so I incorporated my logo that I created in the social media project as the first slide. I love pink, and I decided to use that as the accent color in all the slides. In order to tie them together with the images I chose circles to add to the slides that I made coordinating colors.

Critique: Karen Laszko supported my use of circles, but I felt as if they were a little boring. In the final draft I added gradients to a few of them to add texture. Karina Finke suggested that I spice up the last slide so it don’t look so “lonely.” I decided to add circles to that slide as well, the colors of circles in previous slides, and then add my picture complete with my watermark.


7 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. This looks super good Natalie! I love the rounded rectangles and the circles. Your unique color scheme is really interesting, and I really like how the circles change with the slides. I also think it’s interesting how you have the projects change positions through the slide show. That really helps it stay interesting. Great work!


  2. Excellent work combining all of your work of this semester. I liked how you tied it all together with the different designs and colors. They really complimented the individual design projects. You were able to add a personal flare to show off everything you’ve accomplished. Very well done!


  3. Your event fliers is still one of my favorites from that project. I also really love how professional your magazine spread turned out. Overall the portfolio came out really good. I think its great that you kept it relatively simple so I could focus on the individual designs.


  4. Natalie, you are so talented! I love your portfolio, it’s one of my favorites. I love how fun and chic it looks. The colors are amazing and your design elements look very professional. Great work!


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